Lady Buds


As “Original Grower” (OG) cannabis farmers, entrepreneurs
of organic topical salves, educators, Emerald Cup Judges and
best friends, the Bud Sisters have seen it all. Rich with colorful anecdotes
about operating in the black market, Pearl and Dr. Joyce share the
more serious implications legalization has on the farmers who have
lived in the Humboldt hills for decades, including themselves.

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Sue Taylor is a former Catholic school principal, ordained minister, grandmother and 70-year-old cannabis dispensary owner. Her mission is to provide alternatives to pharmaceuticals and help elders regain control over their personal health.


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Karyn Wagner

Karyn owns the largest female-run cannabis extraction operation in California. Her mission is to help small farmers survive legalization by marketing the biggest brand in cannabis everyone already knows: Humboldt weed.

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Felicia Carbajal

A Latina lesbian in Los Angeles, Felicia is dedicated to ensuring all minorities, including the LGBTQ community, have equal access to medicinal cannabis. Determined to help bring social and reparative justice to minorities affected by the war on drugs, Felicia's activism holds new industry players accountable.


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AliSon Ettel

After medical marijuana brought her out of a life threatening coma, Alison left her career on Wall Street to found an all-natural cannabis product line for both humans and animals. Ever since the incident, she has dedicated her life to cultivating the highest-quality cannabis medicine on the market and educating the masses.



Chiah is a second-generation cannabis farmer who must find balance between working on the farm and parenting her two sons. She heads the farm collective Mendocino Generations, to help other small family farmers become legally compliant and band together against the large corporations entering the industry to mass-market cannabis.